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Investment Management

Everyone wants his or her money to grow. But how to make it happen is unique to you. You may be comfortable with a more conservative approach, preferring to see your money grow slowly over time. Or perhaps you're looking for a comfortable balance of risk and return. We understand and respect the fact that every client has different investment goals and styles. So we create a personalized, tailored plan that suits your needs now, and adjusts over time along with your changing circumstances.

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Case Studies

A wealthy couple came to us looking for assistance in managing a portion of their investments. We discovered that they needed to better organize their many personal and business financial interests. We prepared a Net Worth Statement to give these clients a clear snapshot of their financial situation and arranged for them to meet with an Estate Planning Attorney in order to develop a focused Estate Plan. We then consolidated and coordinated the rest of their investments. Today, in addition to managing their investments, we also manage a trust account that will benefit their children.

The co-owner of a local business came to us to manage his investments. We naturally discussed his goals for him and his family. After understanding how much risk he was willing to take, we proposed an investment strategy. Once we agreed upon this, we implemented the plan and have structured the investments to use for his portfolio.