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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning does not necessarily mean waiting until retirement to plan. It is prudent to do so prior to retirement. Whatever your retirement dreams, Infiniti Wealth Management will work with you closely to help you reach them. Whether you plan to travel, purchase a second home, spend more time with children and grandchildren (and perhaps provide for their future), we will help you plan and invest wisely to help ensure your goals are met.

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Case Studies

For many, having Infiniti prepare a Retirement Income Plan makes sense and is very helpful in understanding where they stand in relation to their retirement goals. Initially a couple approached us to prepare a retirement plan. Based on the results of the plan at that time, they decided it would be better to work a bit longer. Several years passed and the couple wanted to reevaluate where they stood so we updated their plan. This time they saw that they had reached their goal and decided it was time to retire and move into the next phase of their lives. We are now managing their investment portfolio and it is providing them with the supplemental income they need to maintain their lifestyle.

A couple who recently retired came to us because they wanted help developing their financial plan for the rest of their retirement. We consolidated all of their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and helped them rollover their 401K’s into an IRA. Additionally, we discussed and worked through a housing downsize where we developed financial parameters for the new residence. After both sides of the real estate downsizing transactions were complete, we established an Investment Account for the net proceeds. Currently we manage the clients’ investment and retirement accounts. Lastly, we developed a comfortable distribution plan of their assets to meet their cash flow requirements above and beyond their fixed retirement income sources.