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Women in Transition

About half of our clients are women. Whether you are divorced, widowed or have left your career, Infiniti Wealth Management is uniquely qualified to help you protect your financial future. We will work with you to create a wealth management plan designed to support your lifestyle, manage your taxes and retain your assets.

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Case Studies

We were initially brought in by a Matrimonial Attorney to assist her and her divorcing client regarding financial settlement options and their evaluation. Upon settlement, the client chose to continue working with us on her personal financial plan and the managing of her investments moving forward. Along the way, we ended up working with the client’s Matrimonial Attorney and Estate Planning Attorney to establish a Trust Account in which the vast majority of her assets are now held and managed by our firm.

A woman, who was introduced to us by her accountant, came to us after the unexpected death of her husband. She has two children both in their very early twenties. We assisted her with guidance and financial planning to help her better understand her financial picture. We are now managing not only her personal investments but also the 529 Plans for her children. We also became involved in helping her in the settlement of her husband’s estate working with her attorneys and her accountant.

A client, who was retired, came to us after the loss of her spouse. Her husband had handled all of the family finances and she needed assistance setting up her own financial plan including managing both her income streams. We met with her and her son to discuss all of these matters and helped her develop and implement a plan for moving forward. Today we manage both her investment and retirement accounts.